how long does pleurisy last

Pleurisy is an inflammatory condition of the pleura which is a moist membrane that surrounds the lungs and the rib cage. Sometimes excess fluid can get accumulated between the two membranes and cause a condition known as pleural effusion where in it becomes essential to drain the fluid out. Pleurisy can go away by itself or can worsen depending on the situation. Generally if pleurisy is a result of viral infection then it would last for about a week and then go away, but if it is caused due to some other conditions like cancer then its prognosis could be very slow. It is important to treat the underlying condition due to which pleurisy has occurred for faster recovery. As pleurisy can cause problems in breathing, avoid strenuous activities which can cause you to breathe hard. Also if you sleep on the side which is hurting you may experience less pain.

answered by Dr S

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