Can high blood pressure be a reason for reoccuring yeast infections?

Unfortunately yes, some brands of blood pressure medication can do this. The effect of blood pressure medication is to allow blood to flow properly, while reducing the work load on the heart. Although I do not want to name the medication, a few recent studies have proved that one of the most common blood pressure medications in the US causes a concomitant and persistent yeast infection. The main reason for this is that the blood pressure medication causes lowering of blood pressure and a concomitant rising of blood sugar which predisposes to yeast infections.

Other than that I would like you to get your blood sugar level checked for diabetes. You have not told me whether you have used anti fungal medication and has the yeast infection returned after the medication? The best recourse for your will be to visit you doctor and get a complete physical examination to check for any other underlying medical problems.

answered by A S

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