Tooth Nerve Health Advice: Will a tooth nerve die after it has been hurting for a long period of time

Definitely! Each and every tooth is provided with a central core of nerves which allows it to sense whether the oral environment ideal, cold or hot. Don’t your teeth hurt if you bite down on a piece of ice for too long? These messages of temperature, pressure and pain are carried by the central core of nerves called as pulp to the brain.

Due to constant infections by bacteria which can cause cavities the delicate nerves get bombarded with an overload of toxins and bacterial by-products. The result: gradual nerve death. Infact you can experience the nerve dying when you have tooth swellings, pain while eating hot or cold food or continuous pain for no reason at all. The nerve will die leaving the shell of the tooth inside your mouth. If you persist in leaving the dead tooth in your mouth the next thing which will occur will be a peri-apical abscess or swelling at the base of the tooth inside bone. This makes the tooth more difficult to treat.

A dead tooth is also very brittle and it can snap easily under biting pressure. it can also spread the bacterial infection of caries or cavities to the next tooth. 

answered by A S

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