Home remedies for dirty cracked feet

Cracked feet are not just a beauty problem that indicate overexposure or a lack of moisturizing but are also indicative of a lack of proper foot care. Feet are most vulnerable to getting cracks because they are the most frequently used parts of the body. These cracks appear on the epidermis but may also reach the dermis making it a painful problem. Dry skin and a deficiency of zinc and omega-3 fatty acids are responsible for cracked feet, as are ailments like diabetes, psoriasis and thyroid. You need to take care of the cracks as a medical problem because severe cracks can lead to bleeding and infection. You can keep your feet free of excessive drying and cracking by ensuring that they are well moisturized. Also do not wear open and ill-fitting shoes as these make the soles expand sideways leading to cracks. Do not stand for long hours as hard floors may cause cracks in the feet, and do not peel off the dead loose skin from the feet as it can cause bleeding.

You can get smooth and crack-free feet without going for expensive pedicures. Two things that you must keep in mind, one is a balanced diet rich in vitamins, calcium, minerals, iron and especially zinc (kidney beans, yogurt, brown rice, spaghetti, oysters, chicken, crab to name a few) and Omega-3 fatty acids (found in flaxseed oil or flaxseeds and cold water fish) and the other is cleaning and moisturizing your feet on a daily basis to clear the dead skin and keep your skin soft. First wash and pat your feet dry for about 15 minutes every night. Then take one teaspoon of petroleum jelly, mix it with lemon juice and rub it on your feet well, till your skin completely absorbs it. You can also smear hydrogenated vegetable oil or honey on your feet, cover them with thick socks and leave overnight. Also file away dead and dry skin with a pumice stone as regularly as possible. It will help to get rid of the thickened layers of dry skin. Some other remedies that work really well are: once a week immerse your feet in lemon juice for 10 minutes. The pulp of ripe bananas applied on the cracks and washed off after 10 minutes also brings instant but lasting results. Also, apply a mix of glycerin and rosewater or melted paraffin wax and mustard oil on the cracks and wash it off the next morning. Following any of these continuously for about 10 days will give you smooth and beautiful feet.

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Clean up your feet daily while you bath. Use a pumice stone regularly. Dip your feet in warm water into which a mild shampoo is added. Leave it for about 10 minutes.Then brush the sole, nails, toes, heels etc. with a brush (you get brushes for this purpose in market). Scrub well with a pumice stone too. Before bed-time make it a habit to massage your feet with any foot cream or moisturizer.

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