Vocal Cord Natural Cures

Vocal cord paralysis can be a result or a consequence after a thyroid surgery. Vocal cord paralysis can cause many problems including voice changes (coarse voice, breathy voice or rough voice), airway problems or swallowing problems. You would need to put extra effort while talking, singing or coughing. It is not only pertinent to your body, but also tends to affect your social well being.

You need to consult a speech specialist for speech therapy or voice therapy. He/she would suggest some laryngeal and neck exercises. Perform speech therapy for 6 months regularly and see the results. Surgery would be an option if there are no significant changes in your condition. A surgery would help to get the paralyzed cords closer and improve the vibration which is essential between the cords. If both of your vocal cords are paralyzed then your specialist would focus more on how to improve your breathing pattern.

answered by S P

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