I am 31 years old married woman. I have one son and now I want another baby. Kindly help me on how to conceive.

Conceiving a baby means you have to understand various sexual positions, your reproductive cycle, your prepared mood for conception and overall health. To conceive a baby, you also need to have a healthy environment around you. If your reproductive cycle is about 28 days, then 14 days after your menstruation began, is the best time to be conceived and if your cycle is of 30 days then the best time is the 16th day of your menstrual cycle.

Monitor your body temperature as well. Many doctors say that slightly high body temperature can be an indication for the best fertility period. You also need to take care of the sexual positions. The best position for getting conceived is man on top. This sexual position is termed as missionary position because when a man is on top, the gravitational force encourages the flow of semen towards the uterus. In the uterus, the semen meets the ovum of a woman and eventually a woman gets pregnant. This gravitational pull of semen maximizes the chances of getting conceived.

Other wonderful positions for conceiving are rear entry position and doggie position. These position permits man to drop his semen near the cervix with downward pressure. For any position you choose, it is important for man to lift a woman from her waist when an orgasm is about to reach. Man should remain in the same position even after ejaculation because it takes time to complete. So, ask your man not to be in a hurry.

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