A cure or relief for chronic muscle pain

The primary reasons for chronic muscle pain are exhaustion, overworking and taking on too much physical stress. The best remedy for all of these ailments would be rest. It is important that you rest as much as you can in your attempts to cope with chronic muscle pain. Home remedies can provide relief, and while they may take a long time, they could also heal you.

The first thing to do is eliminate milk and meat from your diet, since these have a tendency to take away from healing any kind of muscular pain and ache. Switch to soy milk or goat's milk. A glass of hot goat's milk or soy milk taken with a teaspoon of turmeric powder each night before bedtime is very effective in healing. Ginseng is considered to be extremely helpful in the cure of muscular aches. Try to include ginseng and large amounts of garlic in your diet. Garlic will also help to heal chronic pain from within. You can also have ginger tea, without milk. Consuming calendula is highly effective in dealing with pain of any kind. The Indian herb Winter cherry is also considered to be very effective in taking care of muscle pain. You can also apply warm compresses to your aching muscles and this will help with the pain.

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