Dietary and health advice on eating bread

You may have noticed that bread often grows a layer of mold on it. Mold grows when the conditions are conducive to its growth. Mold likes damp, dark places and if you leave the bread in a dark corner, it is more than likely to sport a growth of mold on it.

Bread that you buy at your supermarket usually has a certain amount of preservatives added at the time of production. This prevents the growth of mold on these loaves of bread. Calcium Propionate is one of the most common preservatives added to bread produced in factories. However, despite these preservatives, you will often find that your bread has some green mold growing on it. What you may not be aware of is that there are a variety of molds. Some of the molds that grow on foodstuffs are harmless. You will not be adversely affected if you did happen to consume a slice of bread with that particular mold on it. You will not fall ill if you do happen to eat moldy bread. That is no reason to make it a habit since some of the molds are horrible. These molds can cause you harm if you happen to eat them. That is why it is safer not to eat bread that has mold growing on it.

answered by M W

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