Can melanin cure freckles

The products that you are referring to are not available in any pharmacy or at the chemist under the brand name melanin, nor is it available in a simple form as an OTC product on store shelves. Cosmetic discovery of melanin is fairly recent by scientists and an increasing number of cosmetic companies are now including melanin in their skin whitening products. Hence you will not find the ingredient melanin on any of these products nor are you likely to find capsules or ointments with melanin branded on it. There is a slew of branded products available in the market and it's a burgeoning industry with a variety of fairness lotions.

Apart from bleaching agents, cosmetic coverings, liquid nitrogen freeze, pulsed laser treatment, etc. there are other cosmetic options developed by the industry. There is also a freckle laser removal option which is supposed to be more effective of all treatments. In case of home remedies, sour milk is one of the best ways to gradually get rid of freckle spots. Rubbing your face daily with sour milk ensures a great complexion; moreover the lactic acid in the milk helps prevent peeling of the skin. Fruit masks made from fresh berries, tomatoes, and lemons cucumbers are also great in improving the texture and complexion of the skin.

answered by K C

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