How To Cure Eyelid Cyst?

Eyelid bumps appear for different reasons ranging from age related factors to infectious cysts. While a bump on eyelid that hurts is nothing much to worry about, a painless bump on eyelid treatment would need to be diagnosed first. Some of the causes for bumps on eyelids are Chalazion cysts which are the result of clogging by sebum of the meibomain. This could happen anywhere in the eye and is normally painful and swollen. This is a benign bump and has to be removed surgically. Yellow nodes appear on the eyelids because of Xanthelasma which is an eye disorder. This is an age related harmless problem and is because of high cholesterol. A common cause for bumps in the eyelids is a stye which is caused by Staphylococcus bacteria which are present on the inside of the eyelids. Eye ointments for bacterial infection will cure this problem.

The bump on eyelids could be a simple problem but this condition may not be indicative of a stye always. Bumps on upper eyelids could be caused by several factors like a pimple on the eyelid, milia, eyelid edema or eyelid dermatitis. Benign bumps on the eyelids are a condition which is known as keratosis and is caused by an excess of protein or keratin. Waters and various viral infections could also result in bumps on the eyelids. It is best to remove any such lumps as leaving them could prove dangerous and there is the risk of their turning malignant. Often people have them removed surgically because they mar the appearance. However, this is a safe thing to do instead of wafting for it to grow and become a health risk.

Eyelid cyst treatment depends on the type of eyelid cyst which one has. Many different kinds of cysts could cause a bump on the eyelid. The common cysts on eyelids are those caused by the sweat glands and the epidermal ones. These are painless cysts which cause colored lumps on the eyelids. Most often there is no risk of these cysts turning malignant, but because of their appearance they cannot be differentiated from a basal cell carcinoma which is a malignant tumor. To have these cysts removed surgically would mean first examining them carefully and ensuring the diagnosis.

Bump on Upper Eyelid: Eyelid cyst removal for a bump on upper eyelid should be done after making sure that the bump is not in anyway associated with skin cancer of the eyelid. A doctor would be the best judge for this problem and it is safest to consult one before resorting to any treatment like surgical removal on ones own. The doctor would probably observe the bump for a while and do some diagnostic tests before deciding on the course of treatment. Often these bumps just disappear with some antibiotics or eye medications. Biopsy is usually done as a last resort.

Eyelid Bump Inside: An eyelid bump inside or an eyelid cyst that is white in color is also referred to as an epidermal cyst. This is a bump of the skin on the eyelid which is usually painless. Though there is no malignant possibility in this it is difficult to distinguish the difference between a malignant and non malignant cyst. Lesions which are pigmented are uncommon and should be examined by a qualified ophthalmologist to find out whether it is a basal cell carcinoma and can be removed surgically. Eyelid cysts or bumps on the eyelids could cause a lot of concern in the individuals suffering from it. for such conditions it is best to consult a doctor so as to get immediate relief and avoid further complications.

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Bumps on the eyelid are usually called cysts. A cyst is a small bulb of fluid that sticks to the upper or lower eyelid. Most of the time, cysts are painless. There could be a variety of reasons for bumps to appear, but all cures aim at breaking open the slim membrane that surrounds the fluid and dispersing it in such a way that there is no chance of an infection. The best start in this direction is cleaning your eyes at least about four to seven times a day with a mild soap. Since the eye is a delicate organ and soap may be an irritant rather than soother, you can try to use a baby shampoo that promises "no more tears" on the packaging. After cleansing, apply a warm compress to the area. This can be a cotton pad dipped in warm water, or a dry compress of rice grains in a sock that have been microwaved to warmth. This may be irritating initially, but after doing it for a couple of times, you will reach a comfortable temperature. Use chilled low fat milk to wash your eyes. A very painful but almost instantly effective remedy is to put a couple of drops of onion juice in the eye twice a day. Applying honey will also help remove the bump, but this will sting. You can add rose water to the eye after you apply the honey to soothe the sting.

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