Tips to quit smoking

Best way to quit smoking

When considering to quit smoking, remember that the permanent cure would be to quit smoking naturally, this way people stay off the addiction as they have done it on their own and in the long run feel that this is the best way to quit smoking. The use of one's own willpower along with some assistance from natural methods helps a smoker to give up the habit and keep off it too. Other natural methods are the use of herbal supplements and hypnotherapy.

Giving up smoking with sheer will power is called cold turkey and is the most difficult method. This cannot be done gradually and the person has to quit smoking on the spur of the moment without any assistance from drugs or psychological methods. There are withdrawal symptoms and cravings to deal with and if the person is serious about giving up smoking it will have to be born with the power of their mind.

The withdrawals will be difficult to tolerate for the initial few days because of the toxins which are still there in the body. Drinking a lot of water will help to overcome this and also cleanse the system of toxins. When the craving strikes one should try an divert one's attention by doing something else. Turning to food is not good as then there is a marked increase in weight which is again bad for the health. If one is unable to cope with the craving then they can try some herbal supplements to help them through the difficult period. There are some anti-depressant drugs which also help with addictions and suppress the cravings. It is best to take these medications under medical advice only. Hypnotherapy is a psychological method of combating the addiction. The subconscious mind is affected with suggestions to give up smoking. Some programs on hypnosis permit nicotine patches to be used to help people to resist the craving to smoke.

Benefits of quitting smoking

There are several health benefits of quitting smoking for both men and women but a lot more benefits of quitting smoking for women especially in the child bearing age group. Nicotine is known to harm almost every organ in the body. The ingredients which a cigarette contains can have a negative effect on everything in the body and can bring down the efficiency of functions in all the organs in the body including the immune system. Nicotine once it is inhaled can reach the brain in ten seconds and can travel through the blood stream to every other organ. The blood cells cannot carry sufficient oxygen and this in turn affects all the organs in the body and their functions. There is greater risk of respiratory infections and the lungs lose their capacity to inhale sufficient air because of this. There are more cases of cardio vascular diseases in smokers than in non - smokers. This is just the tip of the ice berg in health related problems for smokers.

Quit smoking naturally

It is necessary that everyone quits smoking and they do so naturally. However it has been seen that using the natural way is the best way to quit smoking during pregnancy. Every woman who is planning to start a family and is a smoker should give up smoking before she conceives. There are several problems related to the health of the fetus with mothers who smoke or have been smokers until recently. Babies could be born underweight, premature or could even die. There are a lot of chemicals which get into the system with cigarette smoking and find their way into the womb through the blood stream. This in turn affects the health of the fetus and accounts for several complications. One of the dangers to the baby is the lack of oxygen supply as the blood cells get affected with the carbon monoxide inhaled by the mother.

Easy way to quit smoking

There is really no easy way to give up smoking and only a person's will power can help any method used to give up smoking. However, among the natural methods used to give up smoking and improve the general stamina yoga can do a lot of good to someone who has the patience to learn it and implement it to help in doing away with the addiction.

The first step towards giving up smoking with yoga is the diversion of the mind which slowly but surely gets more effective as the confidence of the person is boosted and the capacity of the lungs increases. As most often it is stress which gets a person hooked on to smoking, with yoga he feels relaxed and stress is removed from the body and mind. Yoga techniques to relax the mind when it is stressed would help as it would prevent you from turning to smoking as a cure for stress. This is a natural way to quit smoking without any drugs or medication and does not make the person put on weight either. However, though this is a holistic approach to quitting smoking it should be done under the guidance of a qualified instructor to avoid mishaps and experience the full benefits of the exercise.

Methods to quit smoking

There are several methods to quit smoking and each one depends on the individual's mental frame. The method which is adopted to give up smoking should suit the person and help him to continue with it instead of creating a mental block towards his efforts and makes him stop mid way.

Quit smoking techniques

The quit smoking techniques will help a person who wants to give up the habit, only if it has the power to stimulate a positive feeling in the person. A combination of several different therapies could be tried together to boost the person's morale and help him to quit the habit. Not everyone has the mental strength to give up a habit like smoking without mental and physical assistance.

Effects of quitting smoking

The effects of quitting smoking are beneficial to everyone and are more so when quitting smoking while pregnant. However it would have been more beneficial if it was done earlier. Though both men and women do get affected adversely by smoking, the women have to think about child bearing and the effect that cigarette smoking can have on their unborn child.

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Smoking - Ways and tips to quit smoking

Smoking is an addiction to cigarettes and is very dangerous to health. It is difficult to rectify the side effects of this addiction and is even more difficult to quit. But, if you care and love the people around you and if you love yourself, then it is really essential to be prepared and quit smoking. Make a wise act now to prevent occurrence of worst situations and health ailments.

The most essential step in quitting the addiction is to be prepared and act wisely. If you are really keen to quit smoking then gather all your thoughts and determination power. Think wisely on all the possible benefits that you would enjoy in the course of healthy living once you get rid of the addiction. Dreams and expectations of self improvements should a part of you until you stop smoking and even after that.

Then, once you have made up your mind, call for some assistance so that it becomes easier for you to quit. The cessation process can become easier through assistance from stop smoking programs, assistive products, seminars and courses that can help you maintain a balance between physical and emotional strength. Once you attain a good balance between both internal and external strength, it will become easier for you to quit smoking.

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