Candida Alternative Treatments: Treatment For Candida.

Candida - Read the natural cures

Here are some of the most effective cures and remedies for Candida.

  • The bets possible treatment for candida is to keep the affected area clean and dry. Unhygienic conditions can worsen the infection and can also be fatal in the longer run.
  • Aloe vera is an herb that is used for treating candidia. This herb helps in boosting white blood cells which further helps in destroying bacteria.
  • Barberry is mainly used for destroying yeast cells.
  • Echinacea activates macrophages that help in destruction of yeast cells responsible for causing candida infection.
  • Wearing loose clothing is also essential in treating candida infection because loose clothes permit air circulation.
  • Prepare a tea tree oil mouth wash for gargling. This will help in reducing the symptoms of oral thrush.
  • Garlic with its anti fungal properties is beneficial for the destruction of yeast cells.
  • Topical application of lavender oil is also good for treating the condition.
  • Olive leaf beholds anti-microbial properties and can be taken internally to treat candida.
  • Another way to treat the infection is to use oregano oil. This oil is a powerful anti-fungal agent and helps in killing yeast responsible for causing the infection.
  • Other herbs used for treating candida are peppermint, rosemary and thyme.
  • Yogurt is also useful for the purpose. For vaginal candida, insert yogurt into your vagina using a tampon.

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