Celery juice for weight loss

Celery juice will provide very low calories and almost no fat, so if celery juice is the sole means of energy in your diet then you would definitely lose weight. However weight loss with only celery juice is strictly not recommended as it is a very unhealthy way to lose weight. As soon as you start your normal routine and diet after stopping celery juice diet you would gain back the weight that is lost with in no time (most of the times you would gain double of what you lost).

Celery is also considered as a natural diuretic, which means most of the weight which you lose by a celery juice diet is body water, which is gained back as you stop celery juice. Also when you just drink celery juice you are starving your body from gaining other vital nutrients from a meal which in turn uses the body stores. I would surely not recommend celery juice as a mode for weight loss. The main aim in weight loss is to lose fat stores in the body. This can only be achieved with a balance of a healthy diet and exercise. This is a healthy way to keep the lost weight at bay. You can drink a cup of celery juice as a part of a healthy diet if you like celery but just don't depend only on it for weight loss.

answered by Dr S

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