My thyroid test was TSH 6.04 in Aug and TSH 7.23 in Oct. My Dr. says this is hypothyroid. What natural remedies can I use for this cond. and will it be an ongoing treatment or will it cure the condition and then stop the treatment?

The primary treatment for hypothyroidism is to get a lot of iodine. There are several ways to help the thyroid gland function correctly which I shall list below:

  • Try and eat iodized salt. Ideally it should be free of aluminum
  • Spend plenty of time outdoors and get 1 hours of reasonably vigorous exercise every day. This will stimulate the Thyroid gland.
  • Try and eat at least one serving of oats and bananas daily.
  • Tap water contains fluorine, so try and distil your water at home if possible. Avoid chlorinated and fluoridated products as they interfere with iodine absorption. Some toothpastes also contain fluorides, so check their labels before buying them
  • Try and avoid peaches and pears and reduce your intake of veggies from the cabbage family.
  • Supplements containing Novascotia Dulse or Norwegian Seakelp contain iodine and also minerals in the correct proportions.
  • Get plenty of sunshine and fresh fruit and vegetables
  • The Vitamin B group and Vitamin A nourish the thyroid gland, so you can take a supplement to correct any deficiencies.

There is no cure for hypothyroidism as such and most of the medications available have long term side effects. It is best to try and manage the problem with diet and lifestyle changes. However, do consult your doctor in all matters regarding medication and do not stop any medication yourself. All remedies listed above should also be taken up in consultation with your doctor.

Medication for thyroid problems can be harmful in the long term. It is best to try and control the problem with natural supplements and lifestyle changes. However, do all this under the advice of your primary health care giver.

answered by S E

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