How to make oil of oregano

Naturally Prepare Oregano Oil

Oregano is a substance that is very complex in nature. In order to extract the oil of oregano, not only would an entire setup of professional oil extraction be required, but you would also have to study the science and chemistry of extracting the component of the plant that yields oil in the first place, and then learn to isolate it. Then you would have to use the extracted isolated part and create oil from it. In order to get a gram of oil, you could probably use up a whole bag of leaves. Suffice it to say, this cannot be done at home. It is neither economical nor practical.

However, if you are looking at using the essence of oregano, it is possible to make oil that has the essence only. You would have to acquire fresh oregano leaves and dry and powder them. This powder can be soaked in base oil, such as olive or vegetable oil. The mix should be equal parts of powder and oil. This would have to be sealed in an air-tight container and left for at least a month. After a month, you can open the container, drain and use the oil. You can also use it with the leaves if you wish. A word of caution: it is not advisable to use this oil for beauty remedies and medicinal therapies. It is a rudimentary form of the herb and oil and is best used for cooking.

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