Home remedies and causes of dehydration

Dehydration is caused when the water content in body goes down. The obvious solution for this is to do all you can to increase the water level in your body. Some people notice that their ankle and calves hurt when they are dehydrated. Others complain of extreme tiredness. You can prevent dehydration by ensuring that your intake of fluids is increased.

You can add three tablespoons of sugar to half a cup of water. Add one fourth spoon of salt and the juice of half a lemon and drink this.

Some people notice that they are dehydrated after a strenuous workout or after a day's work. You can avoid this by drinking more fluids before and after a workout. Avoid drinking coffee since this contributes to flushing the fluids out of your body. At a time when your body needs all the fluids it can get, drinking coffee is not a good idea.

Dehydration is a common complaint during the summer months. You can help prevent dehydration by taking frequent showers throughout the day. Keep cool and stay indoors.

Eating a predominantly vegetarian diet will help too. Eat fresh vegetable and fruits. Salads are generally recommended during the hot months because of their high water content.

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