Numbness in face & fingers due to seafood allergy

It is practically unheard of that seafood can cause allergies that result in numbness of any kind for any part of the body. You need to get this ascertained by a doctor before beginning any kind of treatment for it. On the other hand, the kind of numbness you are describing could be typical of either carpal tunnel syndrome or anemia. There are a variety of simple steps to take if you are suffering from numbness due to carpal tunnel syndrome. Restrict using your hands from the wrist down as much as you can. Massage your hands with warm olive oil for relief.

If you have anemia, which is sometimes manifested in momentary numbness of hands or fingers, you must eliminate caffeine and caffeine-related products from your diet. Caffeine hinders the absorption of iron in your body, thereby restricting the manufacture of RBCs, which could lead to anemia. Increase your intake of leafy greens like spinach and beetroots. Other reasons for numbness could be poor or slow blood circulation, any kind of injury or sudden trauma to your body.

There are also some generic remedies you can follow for general seafood allergies if you have them. Eat potatoes with their skins, as this is supposed to help get rid of seafood allergy symptoms. You should also up your intake of fresh vegetable juices.

answered by G M

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