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Pruritus is a medical condition that is known to be one of the primary causes of itchy skin. In fact it has been observed that skin rashes that itch are found in the form of small bumps or redness or even rough skins on certain isolated spots on the skin which may even spread to other parts of the body. In some cases the causes of itchy skin rashes may also include serious medical conditions such as psoriasis and even kidney failure. Some of the symptoms of itchy skin or skin rashes in children may just be an irritating itching sensation with no rash that is visible. The itchy skin symptoms may also tend to worsen at certain times of the day or on the consumption of certain foods. In some cases skin rashes in children may also be caused by an allergy and they may also be accompanied by a fever. It is therefore essential to ensure that a skin rash in children is closely monitored and reported to the doctor if it does not go away after four to five days.

Many times itchy skin treatment can be relatively simple and can be handled by the use of a good moisturizing cream alone. This is especially true for those suffering from eczema or even those who have itchy skin on account of cold weather conditions that has dried the skin out. However in some extreme cases one may also require to consult a good dermatologist. Remedies for itchy skin in case of the itchy sensation caused by a fungal infection may warrant the use of a good quality anti-fungal cream which is effective in killing the fungus and thus getting rid of the itch. On the other hand if the itchy skin rash is caused by a virus such as a strep infection or even staph then it may be necessary to handle this outward itch with some medicated cream as prescribed by the doctor. In most cases, at itchy skin rash with bumps may also be observed when the individual starts consuming some new medications. The easiest way to control this itching sensation is to simply stop taking the medication and thus allow the body to heal itself till the allergic reaction to the medication has reduced. Dry skin or itchy skin causes may also be based upon the weather conditions.

These mostly occur in excessively cold or hot weather which may also be coupled with low humidity levels. Similarly some of the other causes of itchy skin or rashes may also be the long term exposure to central heating or air conditioning or even excessive bathing or washing. There are also several skin conditions that result in skin rashes in children such as scabies, lice, hives, chicken pox and so on. One of the home remedies for skin rashes in children is to prepare a paste of thick consistency with some water and baking soda. This paste should then be applied to the areas of skin that have the itching sensation and allowed to remain till it dries up. Once the paste has dried up completely it should be washed off with some cool water. However while using this home remedy one should also keep in mind not to use it on skin that is cracked or has any cuts. Similarly, home remedies for itching sensation on the skin would also involve taking an oatmeal bath. This treatment is known to be highly effective as it tends to provide one relief almost immediately from the itching sensation. In this treatment one should fill around half the tub with some warm water and then add two cups of oatmeal that has been finely ground to the water.

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Itchy skin home cures

Itchy skin in children can have a number of causes, so it is necessary to find out exactly why their skin is itching before being able to address the problem. Since you have provided no background information at all, it is impossible to say why your children may have itchy skin. One common problem is simply hygiene. Particularly if your children are physically active and outdoors a lot, they may need to bathe at least twice a day. If not, sweat and dirt may accumulate on the skin and cause itching. This may also lead to a skin infection from some bacteria or fungus, which could cause itching. The problem could also simply be dry skin, so consider using a moisturizer, particularly in dry, cold weather.

Children also often have eczemas, which are basically skin rashes due to a problem with the immune system. There are many types of eczemas, so if you suspect that this is the cause, you should visit a doctor. Another problem that may require a visit to the doctor is an allergy that results in hives. Determining the cause of an allergy is quite difficult and often requires the help of an allergist. Allergies and eczemas usually disappear as children grow older, but in the meanwhile some treatment may be needed to provide relief.

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