What can be done naturally for severe dysplasia?

Because you have not mentioned your exact symptoms or your gender, it is difficult to be able recommend any course of action. Dysplasia is an abnormality in the rate at which cells in a tissue mature and is usually limited to the original tissue. With dysplasia, there are a large number of immature cells and a marked decrease in the number of mature ones. Dysplasia can be considered a very early form of pre-cancerous lesions and is usually detected by doing a biopsy or in the case of cervical dysplasia, during the course of a pap smear. Dysplasia does not always develop into cancer but if you have high grade dysplasia, you should seek the advice of your doctor and ensure that you get immediate and proper medical treatment.

If you are a woman and if you are suffering from cervical dysplasia, you must decide on a course of treatment in consultation with your doctor. You should first allow nature to take its course. It is likely that your dysplasia may not develop into anything of any significance. Applying an ice pack on your lower abdomen can help relieve you of any discomfort. If you find that your dysplasia is not any better after some rest, you could always go in for a laser surgery. In addition to rest, ensure that you do not have any vitamin deficiencies because some studies have suggested that a vitamin imbalance can increase the risk of cervical dysplasia.

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