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A rash on the back is usually caused by a topical inflammation of the skin. The rash on the back can bring about a change in color and the texture of the skin. There may be small bumps or other kinds of eruptions on the skin of your back. In most cases, a rash on the back is due to an allergic reaction. There are many different environmental factors that cause rashes. Foods and chemicals are also some of the leading causes of allergies, which cause a rash on the back and stomach as also on the entire body. Rashes are usually not contagious. However, in case these rashes are a result of an infection; the fluids contained in them could cause a spread of the infection. A rash on the back is usually indicative of a health condition and therefore, should be shown to a doctor. Consult a doctor and find out about the rash. If your rash causes stinging, burning, itching, and pain, it is all the more reason to go to a doctor. The back, face, and arms are most commonly affected by rashes. Here are some of the ways on how to cure a rash on the body.

  • An itchy rash on the back can be a symptom of contact allergy. To help eliminate the symptoms, wash your back thoroughly. Take a warm shower and use a loofah to scrub the skin on the back thoroughly.
  • Oatmeal bath can be an excellent remedy for skin rashes that itch. Simply boil some oatmeal in water and pour it into a muslin cloth. Wrap the oatmeal in the cloth and immerse the cloth into a bathtub full of water. Once the oatmeal is immersed in water, soak yourself in the bathtub. Remain there for at least 10 minutes before finally taking your bath.
  • In summers, people get heat rashes on their back. An efficient heat rash cure is chamomile tea. Get some tea bags of chamomile tea and soak them in ice cold water. Now apply these tea bags on the area of the skin where you can see rashes. You can also wash the rash with the chamomile tea.
  • Among the many effective skin rash cures is olive oil. Apply some olive oil on your skin, especially on the skin affected by the rash, to induce healing. If you do not know what has caused the rash, and therefore, do not know how to cure a rash, olive oil can help you.
  • A rash on the back and chest can also be cured with the help of fresh aloe vera gel. Simply apply the gel from a fresh aloe vera leaf onto your back and your chest. This can help you soothe skin rashes that itch and burn. For skin rashes that itch and spread, you can use vitamin E oil. Vitamin E is an excellent remedy for most skin problems and can also help you deal with this one.
  • Not all doctors will know how to cure a rash on the body. To find the perfect cure, you must consult a dermatologist. The dermatologist will help ascertain if the rash is the result of an infection, or if it has been caused due to an allergic reaction. The dermatologist can also help you find out what infection or allergies you have, so that you can start taking the proper treatment for it.
  • The use of baking powder is known to be an effective treatment for rashes on the body. Make a paste of baking soda with water and apply a thick layer on the affected area of the skin.

  • Soak a cloth in water of calcium or cold comfrey tea. Use this cloth to wipe the affected area in order to treat the rash.
You could try any of these home remedies to effectively treat the rash on your body. However if the rash does not subside within a couple of days it is necessary that you consult a doctor to find out the underlying cause of the rash and thus treat it.


answered by G M

Natural cure for rash problems -

  • Please search for the cause of the rash eg dust, cloth material, smell, food etc and avoid that you are allergic to.
  • Please take 1 tsp honey and 10 drops lemon juice and 1 pinch of Bishop seeds.
  • Take urtica urens 30 a homeopathic remedy. Take 5 pills of this 2 times 12 hourly for 2 days only.

answered by D M K

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