High Blood Sugar Symptoms

by Sam Malone

When the blood sugar levels in the body increase beyond the normal desired levels, it is known as hyperglycemia (high-glucose-in the blood) or high blood sugar. Diabetes is the disease caused due to high levels of blood sugar. If care is not taken at the right time, it may have severe consequences.


Blood sugar levels rise in the body because of mainly an unhealthy lifestyle. Eating junk food, irregular meals, unbalanced diet that does not contain all the essential nutrients leads to more fat and cholesterol level in the body. Sedentary life due to desk jobs and no physical exercises makes the condition even worse. In the fast lifestyle, added stress – at personal and professional front add upto the chances of hyperglycemia. Apart from these factors, certain drugs, medicines, or health conditions may also cause high blood sugar levels.


The high blood sugar symptoms can be slight or mild and the person may not even realize that he/ she hyperglycemia. This is usually since the disease grows slowly. These high blood sugar symptoms are frequent urination as Excess glucose in the blood comes out through urine, excessive thirst as water is lost due to urine frequently, increased hunger to make for the nutrients since glucose is not converted to form the fuel for the body, weight loss inspite of increased appetite. Mouth turns dry due to frequent urination. The fuel to function the body is inadequate so the person ends up feeling tired and fatigued. There may be blurred vision, itching as the skin becomes dry, impotency in case of men and absence of menstruation in case of women.

One may not have all these symptoms, but the classic blood sugar symptoms are frequent urination & thirst, increased hunger, fatigue, weight loss. The rest symptoms may develop at a very later stage and things may become too complicated by then. So, be alert and if you feel that you suddenly urinate frequently and that too at nighttime do not delay and consult a doctor. Thus, the long-term risk from hyperglycemia can be avoided.

Preventive measures are beneficial in case of hyperglycemia. The risk to kidney failure, eye vision, heart attacks, severe infections leading to gangrene are quite high in case of high blood sugar. It has to be taken very seriously. blood sugar can be maintained to the normal levels by keeping in mind and following certain stringent measures. Firstly, adhering to a balanced and nutritious diet plan. Simultaneously one must do regular exercise and physical activity. Medication or insulin intake through injection, pump, and inhalation as prescribed by the doctor is absolutely necessary. Measuring glucose levels at regular intervals helps to keep a check the sugar levels. Care should be taken in case of injuries/ wounds/ infections.

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