Cancer Pain Treatment

by Kevin Pederson


In most cases, cancer patients experience pain, especially when the disease has reached in its advance stage. The severity and duration of pain may differ. Some patients experience dull pain throughout the day, whereas some feel severe pain after long or short intervals. According to the doctors, this pain is caused either by the cancer itself or due to the chemicals, secreted by cancer cells. Apart from this, cancer treatment procedures like, surgery, chemotherapy etc. may be the cause of concern. A patient feels burning sensation and other problems after chemotherapy and surgery.

After a through diagnosis, your doctor may suggest you any of the following cancer pain treatment course, depending upon your condition.


Acupuncture could provide relief; you should take your doctor’s advice before going for acupuncture treatment. If the conventional pain relief methods have failed in relieving you from pain, you may opt for this age old method of Acupuncture. The process includes inserting of tiny needles on specific acupuncture points on the ear.

If your white blood cell count is low or you are suffering from lymphedema, you are advised not to opt this method, as it may put them at the of getting infection.


Certain OPIOIDs, NSAIDs and NON-OPIOIDs drugs can be given to cancer patients to relieve them from pain.

NON-OPIOD drugs are safe for adults and are effective in providing relief from pain. Patients generally bye over the counter pain killers like aspirine, paracitamol etc, containing acetaminophen for the purpose. You must consult your doctor about the analgesic drug you are taking. These medicines work wonders in relieving a patient from pain in bone, or muscles or in any other part of the body.

NSAIDs have anti-inflammatory effects, but the doses should be given as per the doctor’s prescription. You can not take these medicines without consulting your doctor.

OPIOD drugs are generally given to old patients. They contain morphine, and the doses are not restricted as in the case of NSAIDs. These medicines are classified into two categories i.e. weak opiods and strong opiods, depending upon their effectiveness. There are some opiods which doctors do not advice to consume. A few names of commonly used opiods are Codeine, Fentanyl and Hydrocodone.


Due to heavy doses of drugs, pain and treatment procedure, cancer patients become victims of depression. Emotional support provided by the family members and friends, goes a long way in helping the patient facing the tough situation bravely. During the treatment process, the patient should have positive attitude and a will to fight.

Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral Therapy is one of the other theoretical models used to treat cancer pain. The treatment which is normally practiced in groups works on the theory that the physical and mental stress is a result of mal adaptive feelings or thoughts or even behavior. The focus is on modifying or changing such thoughts feelings and such behavior thereby relieving the pain by taking patients away. This therapy can be administered in a number of ways such as Guided imagery, monitoring of the thought process, monitoring through distraction and other such techniques.

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