by M. Williams

Amputation is considered to be the traumatic loss of a body part. An amputation usually occurs in the general region of the toe, leg, arm or finger. This usually occurs due to a traumatic event or due to an accident.

If an amputation occurs due to an accident or traumatic event then most often the body part can be reattached. This is only if the body part that was severed has been properly cared for.

Someone who has had an amputation is known as an amputee. An amputee might complain of a tingling sensation where the body used to be. This is very common and occurs in most individuals who have suffered an amputation. The amputee will have a better time adjusting if the amputee is given a well-fitted, prosthesis that functions as the replacement for the severed limb.

The most common type of prosthetic replacement part is a prosthetic leg. Prosthetic replacement body parts have come a long way and can now move and feel much like a normal body part. An individual can run, dance and perform other normal activities on a prosthetic leg.

Broken bones are another type of traumatic event that is usually caused because of an accident. Broken bones can be severely painful and take months to heal. A broken leg is one of the slowest healing bones that can take up to six months to heal. Most often an individual has to wear a cast on the broken leg in order to reset the broken bone.

A broken toe can not be reset and an individual just has to wait out the healing process. A broken toe is painful because really nothing can be done to aid in the healing process or to get rid of the pain.

Another type of traumatic injury is a knee injury. Sports heroes are famous for having frequent and sometime debilitating injuries to the knee. Sometimes surgery is performed in order to correct the knee injury. A knee injury usually affects professional athletes or runners. Running seems to be very hard on a person’s knees, especially long distance running. A knee injury can become so critical that the athlete is forced to stop playing the sport.

All of these events are very traumatic to the patient and take a long period of recovery time. Sometimes an individual will have to go to a rehabilitation hospital to receive physical and occupational therapy.

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