by Sharon Hopkins

Psychotherapy can be termed as the most complicated therapies of all. Only professionals in this field, professionals who have been trained as psychotherapists, should carry out psychotherapy.

Psychotherapy is used for those people who are facing certain difficulties in living their lives normally, psychotherapy turns such people away from those events which are giving problems towards creating a new person. Psychotherapy has been in use for a long time. It is being treated for all those who are mentally disturbed and might be potential dangers to their own lives.  Psychotherapy helps people feel a general feeling of wellness within them and encourage them to live normal healthy and fulfilling lives.

The theory and practice of counseling and psychotherapy was developed in the 8th century in Iraq, Baghdad, where patients with mental problems were diagnosed and treated up to a certain extent. Psychotherapy has been in use in the world, ever since evolution, communication of problems and seeking answers and assurance from all those near to us is a form of psychotherapy. Therefore, psychotherapy has evolved through ages.

In earlier centuries in the West, psychotherapy patients were looked up on more like criminals than those requiring any help, therefore they were given punishments like solitary confinement or deaths. Today, though mainstream psychotherapy remains unchallenged and a cure for more serious mental disorders, the lighter problems are dealt with another stream of psychotherapists called psychoanalysts. Here patients rarely require complete help, they are more in need for finding answers important to them within themselves which is a help given by the psycho-analysts.

There is yet another stream of psychotherapy called art psychotherapy, here use of art is done at the time of therapy. The patient might be asked to draw and inferences from what he does are draw to find his mental state. This therapy is especially used in disturbed children, Adults might also be told to read art or painting so that they can be interpreted better by the psychotherapists.

The theory and practice of counseling and psychotherapy is an every evolving science, since there are so many different types of human beings in this world. Each has been through different situations and different emotions, as a result of which the theory and practice of counseling and psychotherapy is an ever evolving field. Several people are benefiting from this form of therapy to forget their past and life happy and fulfilling lives.

Psychotherapy is a vast and challenging field for those in it. All psychotherapists require complete control over their emotions so that they can help others. Learning phase of psychotherapy is the most difficult ones. During this therapy patients have all sorts of emotions for the doctor, ranging from affection, love to possessiveness, which the doctor has to take in stride as a part of profession. He will not be able to treat his patient clinically if his emotions start coming in way of therapy.

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