Magnet Therapy

by Carol Gomes

Magnet therapy as the name suggests uses magnets to relieve pain and improve blood flow to several parts of the body. Magnet therapy has also been touted as a solution to back aches and other pains in body including headaches.

As the name suggests magnet therapy involves use of permanent magnets, magnets are supposed to be worn at the place where there is pain. There are magnet belts available in the market for this therapy, these magnet belts are available in different sizes to be worn on different parts of the body. There is a waist belt to be tied to the waist, ankle belt, knee belt, wrist belt, etc. Each one of this is to be used at the particular place of pain.

Magnet therapy believes in providing magnetic fields to the body, the theory supports that magnetizing allows effective blood flow to the body part where it is being used and therefore, it enables a faster cure and relief from pain.

Magnet therapy however, has not gained mass appeal since the medical fraternity has not yet approved it. The reason behind this is that the magnet therapy has not been able to provide any scientific evidence in facts and figures.

None of the experiments done regarding magnet therapy have proven to be successful; in fact all the experiments regarding this therapy have shown absolutely no change in the situation of the person. Magnet therapy is said to work on the fundamental that the magnets affect the iron in hemoglobin in red blood cells in body. The magnet therapy therefore, has not been able to prove itself.

None of the practitioners have been able to explain what exactly exposure to magnetic fields is able to do. Moreover, none of the practitioners are trained in this field therefore; scientists are not ready to accept magnet therapy as one of the authentic theories. In fact marketing of any materials related to magnetic therapy has been banned in several countries of the world due to its inability to prove its functionality.

Magnetic therapy so far has not been accepted by the world as an effective therapy, all the claims made magnetic therapy have been left unproven. You can try out magnetic therapy as an experiment, but hoping that this therapy would cure you of your ailments can prove to be a fallacy. Magnetic therapy requires proving its worth to a lot of people if it has to be believed by general public.

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