Spa Treatments

by Rachel Bhan

Spa treatments are the varied aspects like massage provided by a spa. Body treatment and facial are also the other part of the services. Body wraps and salt glow are the techniques followed in body treatments. Spa manicure and pedicure are two more aspects dealing with the beauty of the nails, fingers and toes, available in many salons. Spas with salons as an entity, generally provides a section for cutting hair and styling or doing them. The service rendered by a spa is referred to as spa treatment. Specific massages are opted for after the preliminary treatment. These include hot stone massage, reflexology and Thai massage.

Visiting the spa at an early stage is recommended. Changing into the robe and relaxing prior to the treatment is much enjoyable. An esthetician helps in determining the kind of body treatment and facial to undergo. The initial step of facials helps in removing the impurities from the face and rejuvenates the skin, thereby keeping them well hydrated. Cleansing and exfoliation are the basic principles. A facial is the second treatment opted for, after a massage and this is done with the help of an experienced esthetician.

Eye pads are placed under the eyes and a magnifying lamp, which is well-lit is used to analyze the skin type. Steam vapor application aids in exfoliation. Blackheads are removed and a facial massage helps in rejuvenating the skin. Based on the type of skin, namely, oily, normal, dry, combination, sensitive or mature, a mask is applied. Creams having a protective action are applied and home care techniques are elaborated.

Another vital step in spa treatment is aromatherapy. This technique makes use of different essential oils, based on the condition. Various ailments, beginning from headaches to cold are eliminated by this procedure. Concentrated vegetal extracts are used. Eucalyptus and lavender are the two famous oils used. They have a relaxing and soothing effect, thereby, energizing the body. These oils are generally inhaled or ingested through the skin. Basil, bay, bergamot, aniseed, cassia, birch and many more are used as a part of aromatherapy. These are utilized for various conditions, such as, digestion, respiratory conditions, circulation, fever, depression, cold, memory, stress, pain, muscle relaxation and so on.

The fourth important step in spa treatments is hydrotherapy. Water helps in relaxing and calming down. A burnt finger is immediately treated by placing under running water is a form of hydrotherapy. Ice packs or hot water bags are smaller versions of hydrotherapy. A warm bath has the capacity to remove toxins and eliminating sores, whereas, a cold bath stimulates and hastens the pulse. This is followed by hair removal by waxing. All the above mentioned techniques are vital in relieving the pain and bringing out the inner glow.

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