Benefits of Pomegranate Juice

by Sharon Hopkins

The problem with the modern lifestyle is that most of us live very hectic and stress filled lives. It is therefore becoming increasingly important to make sure that we eat healthy foods and consume fluids that benefit the health in order to compensate for the tremendous amount of pressure that the body is put under. While obesity is probably the most common concern about our unhealthy standards of living, one should also consider the fact that we usually do not allow our bodies an adequate amount of rest that it requires. Besides this we are also heavily dependent on machinery and advancing technology. This basically means that we do not carry out as much physical labor as was previously the norm of a person’s daily life. It is also becoming increasingly essential for people to get their nutrition, minerals and vitamins from consuming the right kinds of food. However due to our fast paced lifestyle we tend to consume large amounts of fast foods that possess absolutely no nutritional value. These foods are purely made up of empty calories that simply add themselves onto the fat layers within the body as soon as they are consumed. Pomegranates and pomegranate juice is widely considered to be one of the most healthy fruits available and the health benefits of pomegranate span a huge spectrum in the well being of the human body. Studies show that a single glass of pomegranate juice contains about 40% of the recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C while also containing substantial quantities of folic acid as well as vitamin A and E. One of the most prominent benefits of pomegranate for health is the fact that it is known to have very good and effective antioxidant properties.

Another aspect of pomegranate for health also sees it as being a very good blood thinner while some extensive research shows that it helps promote blood flow to the heart and reduce the density of plaque in the arteries. One of the lesser known pomegranate juice benefits is that it is believed to be a very potent method of inhibiting the development of osteoarthritis as it works on the enzymes that cause the damage to the cartilage. Moreover, there are also the properties of pomegranate juice that help subside rather serious and life threatening conditions such as heart disease, heart attacks and stroke. In addition to the positive contribution of pomegranate for health, it also helps in the suppression of cancer cells. The fact that there are a number of commercially available products available in the consumer market only serves to amplify the fact that the juice is not hard to obtain.

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